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Law Enforcement Solution

Prevent crime and accelerate investigations of suspects who are the subject of a police investigation with fast and efficient tools....

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Anti-Covid Solution

Intelligent system decreases the manpower and identify people without the removal of their masks and implement quarantine....

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Crowd Behavior Analysis Technology

Face Signature Video analysis technology is the scientific examination, comparison and evaluation of video footage, identity of one or multiple persons present in a video.

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Industrial Sector Solution

Improve operational efficiency in areas such as energy, logistics, environment, security, and business activities which is integrated with the development of economy.

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Smart Investigations Solution

Face Signature convey a wealth of information about an individual. It can be used to identify, for example...

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Logistics and Warehouse Solution

Intelligent Logistics & Warehouse Signature empowers customers to track the complete of transportation...

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Educational Institutes Solution

Face Signature is creating a safer and more personalized planet with facial recognition technology for students..

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Health Signature

Health Signature helps to correctly identify patients and provides them with a personalized experience....

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Financial Institutions Solution

Unrivaled speed and accuracy against a database with billions of faces ensures quick response and frictionless user...

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Public Transport Solution

Face Signature brings a faster and secure travel experience with facial recognition to ensure safety and recognize...

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[ What is Face Signature ]

Face Signature: World’s Best Facial Authentication Algorithm Network of Systems

What makes us different is the technology – both in accuracy and speed. Identify your customers and individuals and get alerts about individuals on a watchlist and suspects. Designed for wide range of environments to ensure safety. We have pioneered AI techniques with seamless connection of algorithms to provide our customer with the best AI productivity platform.